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#1 Southern California Customer Real Estate Service Professionals

Due to an unparalleled commitment to our customer service, many satisfied clients of Steve and Nanette have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews.  You can see a few of them listed below.

  • If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation for the work Steve and Nanette has done over the years.... please e-mail that request today at: SDEEBLE2@AOL.COM

Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to call Steve and Nanette at their office [951] 924-2301, it's their personal office "hot line".

Steve and Nanette continue to thank all the Sellers and Buyers over the pass years for their support and faith in allowing them to handle their real estate needs.

Don & Marlene Rapp, Lake Mathews

Steve and Nanette, Marlene and I want to "thank you" both for the incredible job you did on the sale of our home. These days it is a wonderful thing to find people who care so much about what they do and how it affects those they are working with.  Tarbell should be very pleased to have people like you to represent them.  The relationships you develop with your clients is the most important part of what you do and Marlene and I both can honestly say GREAT JOB! Your concern for the details and doing things right has made this process a great experience.  We wish you both continued success and you both have our unqualified recommendation.

From George and Elizabeth Scretching......

Hi Steve,

To anyone seeking a Realtor, my wife and I recommend Steve and Nanete Deeble.  They will exceed your expectations and give more that 110%.  In our case, Steve represented us as sellers.  The other buyer agent who represented the couple purchasing our home began to loose heart and all but dropped the ball.  Steve picked up the pieces and persisted relentlessly through closure.

We are all familiar with the catch phrase of Larry H. Parker, "I will fight for you!".  Well Steve is the Larry H. Parker of the Real Estate world.  Steve is punctual, dependable, honest and a man of his word. Steve Deeble is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Once again, my wife and I highly recommend Steve Deeble.  He is the best man for the job!

Sincerely, George and Elizabeth.


From Patricia Helton.....

To: Prospective Home Sellers

From: Patricia Helton

If you are serious about selling your home, I would enthusiastically recommend Steve and Nanette Deeble, Tarbell Realtors. They will take the time to tell you how to stage your home to its best advantage.  Steve will then photograph your home and arrange for a "video tour" for a on-line marketing of your home, as was as other marketing tools.

Within one week of placing the "For Sale" sign in front of my home, we had a contract on the house which closed in thirty days!  All I can say is price your home right and they will get it sold quickly and painlessly.


From Albert Sonon, United State Navy....

Steve, I just wanted to "Thank You" for being so very honest and straight forward while going through the process of selling my home in Moreno Valley Ranch.

You always let me know what was going on and every time I called you were always glad to hear from me.  Thanks also to Nanette for taking care of my house from the bee's nest to calling gardener.  Since I am in the Navy and not home it was good to have a Realtor I could trust to get all my needs handled.

Best wishes.  Albert.


From Steve Walag...


RE: Steve Deeble, Real Estate Agent

I've had a business association with Steve Deeble for several years, so when it came time to sell my father's home, it seemed natural to ask Steve to represent the property. Having worked with Steve for some time, I knew him to be straightforward, honest and hard working, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable about the real estate business.  So I felt confident that Steve would be an excellent partner in this sales endeavor.

Steve proved to be all I expected and more.  He not only guided us through the technical paperwork required and gave excellent advice about preparing the home, but also made key recommendations about repositioning the property when the market situation changed.  We ended up selling the property at the very near the asking price despite a pronounced market slowdown.

Steve Deeble is dependable, always available, and an exceptionally good communicator.  I wouldn't hesitate an instant to recommend him as an agent for anyone looking to Buy or Sell a home in Southern California.  And if I ever have to do it again you can count on me calling Steve and Nanette to be the first person I'll call.

Sincerely,  Steve Walag.